VentralVerse Media provides access to transformative media, activities and resources that encompass exploration of self-concept in literature, music, films, TV shows, podcasts, gaming, and social media. These offerings encourage members to dig deeper into the world of pop culture, fostering a mindful approach to media intake and self-discovery.

We provide tools and resources to empower our audience to make informed choices about the media they expose themselves to and the related activities in which they partake, with the goal of positively influencing their mindset, nervous system, and overall well-being.

As a media company, we create media with intention. Our podcast, digital zine, and social feeds are just the beginning. We have multiple projects in development that are crafted to promote introspection.

We invite you to join us as we navigate self-concept through a variety of engaging and immersive experiences. We combine pop culture curiosity, media exploration, and creative expression to offer a unique platform for personal growth, healing, self-reflection, and inspired action.

By providing a supportive and immersive virtual space we encourage members to harness the power of media to work in their favor, discover their authentic selves, manifest their desires, and cultivate an embodied and fulfilling life aligned with their ideal self.


We envision a world where individuals are conscious and intentional about the media they engage with, recognizing the profound impact on their self-concept, nervous system, and overall happiness and well-being.

Through our work, we aim to inspire individuals to deliberately shape their self-concept and live their lives in alignment with their true values and aspirations.

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    If you need someone who gives it her all and pours herself into her art then you have found the right place. Creative, bubbly and super professional. Whether it’s hiring for her mermaid work or for her artistic abilities you won’t be disappointed.

    - Erin 
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    I love the creativity and forward thinking of Uncanny Occasions! Jinx is a forward thinker and pioneered ideas of virtual events to reach more people including home bound creatives. She uses art for empowering others, vision board projects and has many creative activities to help all types of events! She is lively, enthusiastic and passionate about helping others explore their creativity!

    - Maria 
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    We had a great experience with Uncanny Occasions - they helped turn our Masquerade Mermaid Ball into an interactive fun experience. They are dedicated, organized, and I would highly recommend them for an uncanny occasion!

    - Vicki 
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    As an artist the virtual paint party was very therapeutic because I could let go of any preconceptions and just follow along. Allowing my creativity to flow and to have fun rather than overthink what I want to create.

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    Love the heart and work of Uncanny Occasions. Jinx pours her heart and passion into her work and it shows in the way she treats her customers. I found her to be very professional and super responsive in answering all my questions. I highly recommend this business.

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    My stress levels went down just going on the site.

    -Rob, the Shopify guy