We have a three tiered mission:

  • to explore self concept reflections in media,
  • to provide tools and resources for engaging and interacting with media
  • to create media that integrates the first two tiers into the stories we tell.

Uncanny Occasions serves as a catalyst for self-exploration, aimed at helping individuals harness the power of media to shape their self-concept, expand their capacity, embody their ideals selves, and live with intention.

We guide individuals in recognizing and assessing their self-concept through the music and podcasts they listen to, the characters they engage with in books, TV shows, games, movies, and the social feeds they follow.

Uncanny Occasions nurtures a community of like-minded individuals who are curious, open-minded, and eager to explore the influence of media on self-concept, manifestation, and personal growth.

By encouraging mindfulness, curiosity, and self-exploration, we empower individuals to live their best lives and cultivate a positive self-concept that supports them in using the introspective power of media to manifest their ideal life.



Uncanny Occasions was founded by Jinx Kelly and Mae Lust (2015-2020). We began working together in 2013 after co-founding Lusty Kitten Productions a production company specializing in live-theater stage shows blending pop-up art galleries, live painting, burlesque and variety acts, a marketplace, and cosplay contests. In 2015, we presented cosplay workshops at San Diego Comic Con International and WonderCon. Later that year, we founded Uncanny Occasions.

​In 2019, UO began to offer online art entertainment events such as paint & sip nights, art bars, vision board creations, and more.

In 2020, we lovingly spilt our two companies between us. 

In 2022, Jinx began rebranding Uncanny Occasions as an innovative leader in helping people navigate the world of pop culture and media, providing transformative experiences, insightful content, and practical tools that promote personal growth, self-discovery, and positive interactions with the media surrounding us.

In May 2023, Ava (a.k.a. Minx) joined Uncanny Occasions with a clear vision in mind: to help the rebranding of our project and propel it into superstardom. Her strategic mindset and creative flair have been instrumental in shaping our new direction, ensuring that our offerings resonate deeply with our audience.