The Climate Ribbon Project

Last week, we were super lucky to be invited to help with the installation of The Climate Ribbon Project at the Boulder Public Library. The Climate Ribbon Project is a beautiful climate justice art project and ritual that we became aware of during participation last Spring in the Boulder.Earth course, What Would Nature Do? During that course, we met Rae Abileah, the social change strategist, community organizer, and ritual designer for the Climate Ribbon Project. Rae designed a closing ceremony for the WWND? course that was delightful and moving. 

As an enthusiast of all things involving ribbons and Rae, we were pleased-as-punch to support this install.  The Climate Ribbon is "a massive public art installation and ritual space to grieve all that we stand to lose to Climate Chaos." The project asks one to reflect "What do you hope never to lose to climate chaos?" and to witness and support others in their hopes and grief. It's such a beautiful project. It embodies kindness, compassion, connection and the space to process our thoughts and feelings surrounding climate chaos in a healing, artistic action shared in community. 

Now, we do love a good tease here at the Uncanny Occasion lair, so we are only including photos of the installation process. If you are in the Denver/Boulder area between now and August 28th, visit the Boulder Public Library's main branch to view and participate in this wonderful art project. 

Look for us in Boulder, CO again on July 19th, 2019 with The Inland Ocean CoalitionMermaid Trina and other mermaids for Tube to Work Day. See you there! 
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