Unlocking Self-Discovery: The Rebranding of Uncanny Occasions and Our Exciting New Offerings

Unlocking Self-Discovery: The Rebranding of Uncanny Occasions and Our Exciting New Offerings

In case you haven't heard, Uncanny Occasions has undergone a major glow-up! ✨ We've emerged from our cocoon with a fresh new look, a renewed sense of purpose, and a mission to empower you on your journey of self-discovery through the magic of pop culture and media.

A Journey of Resilience

You may have been exposed to Jinx's work through Uncanny Occasions or Lusty Kitten Productions. Both companies were co-founded by Jinx Kelly and Mae Lust and we delighted audiences through pop-culture inspired entertainment as well as themed event productions from 2013-2020. We spilt the companies in early 2020 and then all hell broke lose in our personal lives and a global pandemic did a "Control Alt Delete" to life as we all knew it. 

Jinx, was on a personal journey marked by a belief in Uncanny Occasions and tenacity. Her health took a life-threatening turn in 2020, was navigating several illnesses, multiple surgeries, and learning how to eat again. She had no idea where things would lead at the time and was pursuing an entirely different career path in media that she hoped to get back to after healing. The path to recovery was arduous, but it ignited a newfound passion for self-discovery and transformation through media.

From Adversity to Empowerment

The healing ahead of Jinx fueled a deep exploration of the impact of media on self-concept. As someone with 26 years of media experience, including feature films, public television, podcasts, and more, she understood the power of storytelling. However, she also recognized that our media habits significantly influence how we perceive ourselves and the world and how it impacts our nervous system. She started taking courses and earning certification in therapeutic art facilitation, embodiment, integrative somatic trauma therapy, parts work, somatic erotic archetypes, and nervous system regulation.

These realizations led to the creation of Uncanny Occasions' new mission: to empower individuals to transform their lives through pop culture and media, all while having fun. In spring of 2023, Minx joined Uncanny Occasions and brought with her years of experience in operations, systems thinking, and online education. We  provide access to transformative media, and related activities and resources that encompass exploration of self-concept in literature, music, films, TV shows, podcasts, gaming, and social media. We encourage our community to dig deeper into the world of pop culture, fostering a mindful approach to media engagement and self-discovery.

The company is currently developing a range of resources, including media mindset coaching, courses, retreats, and a certification program. These offerings are designed to help individuals analyze their media habits, curate intentional media experiences, and provide nervous system self-care after unpleasant, unexpected, or unwanted media interactions. We also launched our first in-house media production--a podcast we call The Uncanny Lens.

By embracing a media mindset, individuals can not only excel in their personal and work-life goals, but also lead more rich and fulfilling lives. It's about recognizing that the content we engage with shapes our thoughts, emotions, decision and actions, ultimately influencing our self-concept and our reality.

Join Us on the Journey

Uncanny Occasions' rebranding journey is a testament to the power of self-concept and media mindset in personal and professional growth. If you're interested in exploring the transformative potential of media mindset, Uncanny Occasions welcomes you to join their journey. Discover how you can enhance your self-concept, engage with media that supports your goals and desires, and create intentional media experiences that encourage self-reflection without being too cheesy or cringe. Unless that's your jam. Why do we always end up discussing food? 

If you are interested in learning more and following along as we rebrand and launch our new offerings this fall, please follow us on social media at @UncannyOccasions on all platforms. You can also listen to our podcast The Uncanny Lens on all streaming platforms and be sure to visit our website at uncannyoccasions.com to sign up for our weekly Museletter.


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