VentralVerse Media is a Top Ten Finalist in SelfMade's Fall 2023 Pitch Competition

VentralVerse Media is a Top Ten Finalist in SelfMade's Fall 2023 Pitch Competition

VentralVerse Media is making waves as one of the top ten finalists in the exclusive SelfMade Fall 2023 Pitch Competition. 

Unveiling the SelfMade Fall Pitch Competition: A Virtual Showdown 

Led by the powerhouse entrepreneur Brit Morin, the SelfMade Fall Pitch Competition is not your typical business event. It's a virtual extravaganza, a shark-tank-style showdown where ten SelfMade founders, including VentralVerse Media, will pitch it up for a chance to win a piece of the impressive $7K in total cash grants.

Behind the Scenes of SelfMade: Fueling Women's Entrepreneurial Dreams

Let's take a moment to appreciate the force behind the curtain – SelfMade. Launched in 2020 in response to the Shecession, it's a hands-on, top-rated business accelerator for female founders. With over 4,000 women on board, Selfmade has become the go-to destination for aspiring entrepreneurs, featured in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Forbes, FastCompany, IDEOU, and more.

Your VIP Pass: Join Us in the Virtual Front Row

Here's the yummy part – you're invited to be part of this electrifying experience! The SelfMade Fall Pitch Competition is open to the public, giving you a front-row seat to witness the magic. It's more than just a virtual event; it's a celebration of bold, innovative, and visionary minds shaping the future of business.

Set Your Intentions: Register and Show Your Support

Mark your calendars and set your intentions because you won't want to miss out on the excitement, the community, and the jaw-dropping pitches that will leave you inspired and invigorated. By registering, you're not only fueling the dreams of incredible entrepreneurs but also joining a community that uplifts and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit.

Be a Part of the VentralVerse Magic

As VentralVerse Media gears up for the SelfMade Fall Pitch Competition, we invite you to join us on this empowering journey. Let's celebrate the entrepreneurs that are shining in the spotlight. Get ready for an event that will leave you inspired and excited about the future of business.


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