Why The F*ck You Should Care About Embodiment

At Uncanny Occasions, we believe embodiment is imperative to living the life we desire. What we embody affects how we experience the world and interact with others. Embodiment involves our physical body and how we use it to manifest our thoughts and feelings. Just as we are always manifesting, we are also always embodying. The super fucking cool part is that we get to determine what we embody. Now, we may not have always known that, and our circumstances and systems in the world installed "default" embodiment programs. Some of those programs may have involved dissociation from our actual physical bodies, so it may feel like a challenge to embody the state desired if we aren't entirely in our bodies! That's ok, and we send love and thanks to the parts of us that didn't know. We know now.

Our services offer a space to safely come into our bodies in community as we learn embodiment, and nervous system regulation, and create indulgent experiences to move us into the desired state of embodiment. Embodiment also involves our emotions and how we express them, so we also connect with our limbic system during our programs.

By understanding the role embodiment plays in our everyday lives, we can better understand how we interact with the world and how our experiences shape our behavior. Additionally, by caring about and exploring how embodiment affects us, we can gain insight into how our physical and emotional experiences can be used to promote abundance, well-being, and positive relationships with others.

Are you ready to embody all things love and bring more of it into your life? Sign up for our February 2023 creative embodiment experience, That's Amore!

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